Hauschka O’Halloran, Composer in Lion

Hauschka is a composer, songwriter and experimental musician who uses prepared piano as his primary instrument. The prepared piano refers to the technique of resting pieces of paper, marbles, drumsticks and other objects on the strings to produce odd, sometimes randomly generated sounds that move the instrument in unexpected directions.

Substantial, Hauschka’s first solo album, blended classical, avant-garde and pop impulses, with an aura of measured melancholy. Then he discovered prepared piano. His experiments with this new instrument changed his approach to music and composing, setting him on a journey of exploration that continues to this day. His albums of prepared piano music include The Prepared Piano, Ferndorf, Salon des Amateurs, the collaboration with Grammy-Awarding winning violinist Hilary Hahn Silfra and Abandoned City. His latest album, 2.11.2014, includes two 20-minute improvisations for prepared piano, based on the music from Abandoned City.

Hauschka was Composer in Residence for the 2014/15 season of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk orchestra in Leipzig.

In 2015, Temporary Residence, Hauschka’s American label released A NDO CY. It includes five solo improvisations from the Abandoned City sessions and two extended remixes from the Abandoned City album - “Agdam” by Devandra Banhart and “Stromness” by Eluvium.

The composer also has a prolific sideline writing scores for films such as The Boy, Praia du Futuro and Farewell, Herr Schwarz.

Most recently, Hauschka has been collaborating with Samuli Kosminen, from the Finnish band Edea and cellist Jeffery Zeigler, formerly of the Kronos Quartet, on compositions to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Jean Sibelius’s birth.