Carter Burwell, Composer in The Founder

CARTER BURWELL (Composer) Carter Burwell has composed the music for more than 80 feature films, including Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker Proxy, Rob Roy, Fargo, The Spanish Prisoner, Gods and Monsters, Velvet Goldmine, The General’s Daughter, Three Kings, Being John Malkovich, O Brother, Where Art Thou? (BAFTA Nominee for Film Music), Before Night Falls, A Knight’s Tale, The Rookie, Adaptation., Intolerable Cruelty, The Ladykillers, No Country for Old Men, In Bruges, Burn After Reading, TwilightWhere the Wild Things Are (Golden Globe Nominee for Best Original Score), A Serious Man, The Blind Side, The Kids Are All Right, True Grit, Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 & 2, and The Fifth Estate, Mr. Holmes and Legend.

Burwell most recently wrote the music for the drama Carol starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara directed by Todd Haynes which premiered in Cannes and was released in theatres in November 2015.  He also wrote the score for Charlie Kaufman’s first-stop motion film Anomalisa which opened  in December  2015 in New York and Los Angeles.  Burwell received his first Oscar nomination for Best Original Score for Carol.   He was also was nominated for a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Carol.  Burwell won the Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s Award for Best Music Score for Carol and Anomalisa. He received an Annie nomination for Outstanding Achievement, Music in an Animated Feature Production for Anomalisa.

Other recent film projects for Burwell released in 2016 include the ocean thriller The Finest Hours starring Chris Pine and Casey Affleck directed by Craig Gillespie; Hail, Caesar! written and directed by Ethan and Joel Coen and the Nicole Kidman-Jason Bateman drama The Family Fang.

The Founder, the true story of how Ray Kroc met Mac and Dick McDonald and created a billion-dollar fast food empire, is Carter Burwell’s fourth collaboration with director John Lee Hancock.  They previously worked together on The Rookie (2002), The Alamo (2004) and The Blind Side (2009).

His theater work includes the chamber opera The Celestial Alphabet Event and the Mabou Mines productions Mother and Lucia’s Chapters of Coming Forth by Day.

In 2005 he developed a concert work for text and music titled Theater of the New Ear, presented in New York, London and Los Angeles. The text, by Joel and Ethan Coen and Charlie Kaufman, was performed by a dozen actors including Meryl Streep, Steve Buscemi, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hope Davis, Peter Dinklage, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The music was performed by the 8-member Parabola Ensemble, conducted by Mr. Burwell.

Burwell’s dance compositions include the pieces The Return of Lot's Wife, choreographed by Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig, and RABL, choreographed by Patrice Regnier. He has performed around the world with his own ensembles as well as others, such as The Harmonic Choir.

His writing includes the essay "Music at Six: Scoring the News Then and Now," published in the inaugural issue of Esopus magazine in 2003 and reprinted in Harper's Magazine in 2004, and the essay “No Country For Old Music” in the 2013 Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics.

Burwell has taught and lectured at The Sundance Institute, New York University, Columbia University, and Harvard University.

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